A Wonder in the Heart of the Aegean

The gorgeous island of Santorini is a holiday destination known the world around, both for its unique beauty and enchantingly romantic ambience. The imposing volcanic caldera, crowned with the iconic white houses carved in the rock reigns before the horizon; just beyond, the extraordinary vineyards, and further to the east, mesmerizing black coasts form the wonder of Santorini, an amalgamation of history, tradition, elegance, and beauty. To top it all up, the dreamiest sunsets in the world happen here, daily. What more do you need to put Santorini at the top of your most favourite destinations in the world?


Aeons of Santorinian Beauty

It is said that Santorini was the mythical Atlantis; the highly advanced civilization unearthed at Akrotiri suggests this might be the case. After the devastating volcanic eruption that formed the caldera, Spartans colonized Santorini and built the majestic Ancient Thera. Later, in medieval times, Byzantines and Venetians left their marks on the island, which now carries in its time-honoured history memories of every civilization that passed through its lands. Santorini’s history is evident in every corner; explore its hidden gems and discover what makes this island so unique and beautiful.


Discover Santorini’s Treasures

Trek the sun kissed alleys of the caldera, sail to the volcanoes, and delve into the history of Santorini at medieval Kastelia and in ancient cities that whisper tales of adventure. When sightseeing in Santorini, make sure to check these locations off your list: the traditional village of Pyrgos and its medieval Kasteli, the Kasteli of Emporio, the archaeological excavations of Akrotiri and Ancient Thera. At the rock of Skaros, at Oia and the Akrotiri Lighthouse you will admire the stunning sunsets of Santorini, whereas for the best view, the Monastery of Profitis Ilias rewards you with breath-taking panoramas. Check them all out and pick your favourite.


The Many Faces of Summer Fun

When looking for unique activities to enhance your summer holiday, there is a multitude of choices; from exhilarating water sports and exciting private or semi-private cruises to the volcanoes and Santorini’s coastal gems, to horseback riding, cycling, hiking and more. Taste-wise, wine tours of the local vineyards or cooking classes are among visitors’ favourites, whereas our favourite is undoubtedly watching the sunset. Address our front desk for insider’s tips and arrangements for fun activities and more around Santorini.


Where Volcanic Beauty Meets the Aegean Blue

Santorini’s coasts come in many colours, a gift bestowed by the volcano. You’ve heard of the Red Beach, perhaps the most impressive beach of the Cyclades, and its sister, the White Beach. The most cosmopolitan beaches on the island, epitomizing summer fun in the sun are the black sanded beaches of Perivolos, Perissa and Kamari, but those seeking privacy and secluded gems will find the shores of Koloumbo and Kambia more enticing. As for bewildering volcanic beauty, don’t miss out on the white cliffs of Vlychada.